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Water Resources Management Program

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About the Program

The Water Resources Management Program plays a key role in managing and protecting Guam's principal source aquifer from pollution and overpumping. The program is responsible for implementing the Water Resources Development and Operating Regulations, Underground Injection Control (UIC) Regulations, Wellhead Protection and Water Quality Standards.

Data on groundwater lens characteristics is continuously collected and used to determine how the groundwater resource has been affected and to what extent future development can or should occur. The data is also used to determine whether changes or modifications to the current management are necessary.

The Water Resources Management Program is also responsible for permitting and inspecting production and underground injection wells on Guam.

Program-Related Regulations

Water Resources Management Program Regulations are currently being prepared for distribution on this site. For more information on the program's statutory authority, please consult 10 Guam Code Annotated, Chapter 46 (Water Resources Conservation Act) in the Regulations section of this site.

Program Staff and Contact Information

Benny Cruz
Program Director
Susan Marquez
Environmental Engineer
Francis Mendiola
Environmental Inspector

Additional Information

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