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Water Programs Division

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About the Division

Oil Spill
Guam EPA's Water Programs Division aims to preserve and protect Guam's surface, marine, ground and drinking waters from pollution and contamination, such as this oil spill after Supertyphoon Paka in 1997.
The Water Programs Division's mission is:
  • To oversee the management and protection of Guam's drinking water, groundwater, surface and marine water resources for public water supplies and other beneficial uses;

  • To achieve compliance with drinking water regulations that protect the public against waterborne pathogens and long-term toxic and carcinogenic effects of contaminated drinking water; and

  • To provide a comprehensive program, in the public interest, for the prevention, control, and remediation of new or existing water pollution sources and provide an effective means for the implementation and enforcement of such programs.

Guam 303(d) Draft List Available

Pursuant to Section 303(d) of the Federal Clean Water Act and implementing regulations (40 CFR 130), the Guam Environmental Protection Agency is requesting public comments on the final list of water quality-limited segments (water bodies) identified for the two (2) year period 2003-2004. The 30-day public comment period runs from March 30 to April 28, 2004.


The Water Programs Division is headed by Christopher A. Lund, P.E., who is the Agency's Chief Engineer. Mr. Lund can be reached at 475-1621 or via e-mail at . The Division is comprised of three programs:

In addition, the Water Programs Division supports and actively participates in the Guam Watershed Planning Committee, which is chaired by the Guam EPA Administrator.

The staff ensures that any permitted activities employ adequate environmental protection, through enforcement of or voluntary compliance with established statutes, regulations, standards, and use of direct enforcement action against polluters as necessary to reinforce compliance and authority of the Agency.

The Division's mission and organization are supported by the Guam Hydrogeologist, Mr. H. Victor Wuerch.

The authority for each program to develop regulations to protect water resources is provided by a combination of local and federal statutes. The authority to enforce portions of federal statutes and regulations not covered by local statutes, such as portions of the Clean Water Act (CWA) and the federal Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) is based on Memoranda of Agreement with U.S. EPA.

Additional Information

The reports below contain additional information related to Water Programs Division issues (pages will open in a new window).

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Last update: 30 August 2004

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