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Guam EPA Programs

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About Guam EPA Programs

Guam EPA is organized into five Divisions, Offices of the Administrator, Management and Board of Directors. The Divsions carry out various programs to protect the environment on Guam. Among these are the Administrative Services Division, the Environmental Monitoring and Analytical Services (EMAS) Division, the Environmental Planning and Review (EPR) Division, the Air & Land Programs Division and the Water Programs Division.

Individual Programs within each Division carry out the day-to-day work of enforcing environmental regulations, issuing environmental permits, responding to public concerns and complaints, and protecting the environment of Guam in general. The Offices of the Special Assistants, Legal Counsel, Guam Hydrogeologist and the Information Services Branch support the Administrator and Deputy Administrator, and work closely with all other Divisions Heads and Program Directors. The Guam EPA Management, which includes the Administrator and Deputy Administrator, is responsible for overseeing Agency operations. The Agency's Board of Directors is responsible for setting Agency policy.

Guam EPA Program Pages

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Air & Land Programs Division: Water Programs Division:

Environmental Planning & Review Division

[   Administration   |   Monitoring & Analytical Services   |   Planning & Review   |   Air & Land   |   Water   ]


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