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Solid Waste Management Program

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About the Program

Illegal Dumping
Illegal dumping is one of the Solid Waste Program's main concerns.
Ordot Tire Fire
Tire fire at the Ordot Dump, December 1998. Closing Ordot is a priority of the Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan.
In December 1998, Public Law 24-304 created the Solid Waste Management Program. The Program is responsible for permitting solid waste collection and treatment, storage, and disposal facilities. In addition, the Program is responsible in inspection, compliance monitoring, enforcement, and corrective action on all solid waste-related activities. Other activities include beverage container inspections, public education, and pollution prevention incentives.

In 1996, the Solid Waste Management and Litter Control Act was revised giving Guam EPA authority to impose administrative penalties for solid and hazardous waste management violations and defined civil versus criminal penalties. The revised Act provided provisions for citizen suits, established permit fees for certain solid waste activities, and created a Solid Waste Management Fund to support activities to effectuate the Act, which includes paying for full-time employees and related expenses. Aside from the Fund, the Program's activities are supported by the Litter Revolving Fund which was created to be used primarily for anti-littering campaigns.

Ordot Dump Fact Sheets (2002)

U.S EPA has released a fact sheet on the second five-year review for the Ordot Dump Superfund site. The fact sheet covers the history and current status of the site. It is available in 3 languages:
English (148K PDF),
Chamorro (164K PDF), and
Tagalog (158K PDF).
You need the free Abode Acrobat Reader to view these PDF files. More about PDF files.

Program-Related Regulations

The following regulations are administered by the Solid Waste Management Program. For more information on the program's statutory authority, please consult 10 Guam Code Annotated, Chapter 51 (Solid Waste Management and Litter Control Act) in the Regulations section of this site.

Program Permits

The Solid Waste Management Program is responsible for issuing permits for the collection, transfer, processing, and hardfilling of solid waste. Additional information on these permits, including forms and instrucions, is available in the Permits section of this site.

Program Staff and Contact Information

Barbara Torres
Program Manager
Overall Program Management
C. Omar Damian
Special Projects Coordinator
Ordot Dump Closure, New Landfill Issues
Glen San Nicolas
Environmental Health Specialist
Drafting and Revision of Rules and Regulations, Processing Permits, Responding to Emergency Activities, Investigating Solid Waste Complaints
Roland Gutierrez
Environmental Health Specialist
Tina Mafnas
Environmental Health Specialist

Additional Information

The sites below contain additional information about Solid Waste Management Program issues (pages will open in a new window).

  • U.S. EPA Consumer's Handbook for Reducing Solid Waste
  • What Is Municipal Solid Waste? U.S. EPA Basic Facts
  • U.S. EPA Office of Solid Waste
  • Guam Solid Waste Program Approval (Federal Register Notice)

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