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Administrative Services Division

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About the Division

The Administrative Services Division (ASD) is primarily responsible for the fiscal, personnel and administrative aspects of the Agency. This entails recruitment, retention, staff development, grant administration, program development, records management, correspondence development and handling, document generation and other essential office administrative and clerical services. In more detail, the ASD is responsible for the processing, receiving, disseminating, and transmitting of all documents, including incoming and outgoing correspondence. The ASD also handles purchases of supplies and equipment, preparation of contracts, work requests, personnel documents, travel requests, ledger reconciliations, and other administrative duties for the Agency.

FY 2006 Budget

Guam EPA is now in its 3rd year of a five year grant from U.S. EPA (FY 04 to FY 08). The Agency has no general fund monies this fiscal year, operating solely from federal and special funds. Special funds are program income generated by the Agency through permit fees and applications, as well as other fees.

The following breakdown includes the different sources of funding:

Federal Funds         $4,220,810
    U.S. EPA $3,872,659
    DSMOA (Defense/State Memorandum of Agreement)* $   348,151

Special Funds for FY06

        $  680,220
    Air Pollution Control Fund $   214,129
    Guam Environmental Trust Fund $   141,476
    Solid Waste Management Fund $    30,000
    Water Protection Fund $    52,340
    Water Research & Development Fund $    61,054



*The Defense/State Memorandum of Agreement/Cooperative Agreement (DSMOA/CA) is a two-year cooperative agreement awarded by the Department of Defense for regulatory oversight of DoD Environmental Restoration Programs and BRAC cleanup on Guam. This funding is on a reimbursement basis by the different military components.


Guam EPA currently has 81 FTEs, of which 56 are filled and 25 are vacant. In addition, there are three (3) contractual positions, which include the Agency's legal counsel and two federal employees. Vacant positions are periodically announced through the Department of Administration, Human Resources Division. Their contact number is 475-1174/1141. Vacancies are also regularly posted on the Job Openings page. A copy of the Agency's organizational chart is available here.

Division Staff and Contact Information

Sandra W. Paulino
Admin. Services Officer
Rosario U. Perez
Administrative Assistant
Jane Almandres-Cruz
Administrative Assistant
Lisa J. Santos
Customer Service Representative
Connie Benavente-Aflleje
Administrative Assistant
Nina Bernardo
Clerk Typist II
Perry Siguenza
Environmental Aide

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Last update: 2 February 2006

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