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Offices of the Administrator

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About the Offices

Several Guam EPA programs report directly to the Administrator. These programs are tasked with supporting projects and programs throughout the Agency. The Offices of the Administrator include:

Special Assistants to the Administrator

Michael W. Mann
Mr. Michael W. Mann has been serving as Special Assistant to the Administrator since October 2002. Mr. Mann is an environmental protection specialist assigned to the Agency through an agreement between the U.S. EPA and Guam EPA. Before coming to Guam EPA, Mr. Mann worked for the Pacific Islands Office of U.S. EPA Region 9 in San Francisco.

As Special Assistant to the Administrator, Mr. Mann currently serves as the Agency's acting Chief Information Officer and heads the Information Services Branch. Mr. Mann is leading the environmental education and public information efforts for the Agency, including the development of an environmental education and outreach strategy. He also serves as chairperson of the Environmental Education Subcommittee of the Watershed Planning Committee. Mr. Mann also leads Agency efforts for the National Environmental Information Exchange Network, serves as webmaster, and oversees the Agency's internal information management, data, and computer networking activities. He can be reached at 475-1623 or .

Karen Wirth
Ms. Karen Wirth is on a two-year Intergovernmental Professional Assignment from U.S. EPA to Guam EPA. Ms. Wirth has a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies and Biology and has twenty years of experience working in a variety of environmental programs including Superfund/Hazardous waste, RCRA and Water. Ms. Wirth has spent the last 7 years working on issues related to Safe Drinking Water. She has extensive knowledge of the complex national drinking water regulatory program and the Safe Drinking Water Act.

As Special Assistant to the Administrator, Ms. Wirth will support Guam EPA and other Government of Guam agencies in their efforts to implement and to further develop and enhance the drinking water infrastructure and program development. Additionally, she will work toward improving drinking water regulation enforcement and compliance, as well as data management and reporting assistance. She can be reached at 475-1637 or .

Legal Counsel

Helen Kennedy
Ms. Helen Kennedy serves as Guam EPA legal counsel. She can be reached at 475-1680 or . Additional information forthcoming.

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