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March 23, 2004

Contact: Michael Mann at 475-1623 or mmann@guamepa.govguam.net

Guam EPA holds inaugural meeting to address recycling fees; group looks to the 'FUTURE'

recycling meeting
Guam EPA Administrator Fred M. Castro addresses the FUTURE meeting while Tina Mafnas of the Solid Waste Program looks on.
recycling meeting participants
Meeting attendees share their thoughts on the new recycling fees.
The Guam Environmental Protection Agency (Guam EPA) today invited members of the community to be part of the FUTURE -- Friends United Through Understanding Recycling Efforts. The group held its inaugural meeting this morning at the Guam EPA offices in Tiyan to discuss upcoming changes to current disposal practices for a wide range of consumer goods.

"This meeting marks an important step in our efforts to significantly reform the way we address our waste problems," said Guam EPA Administrator Fred M. Castro.

Dozens of individuals representing automotive dealers, recycling companies, local government agencies, the Guam Legislature, village mayors, the Guam Chamber of Commerce, the Guam Hotel and Restaurant Association, and the Recycling Association of Guam attended the meeting. The group will provide input on new rules and regulations that the Agency must develop in response to a Public Law 27-38, which requires advance disposal fees on automobiles, trucks, heavy equipment, automotive batteries, tires, and white goods. The law goes into effect on January 1, 2005.

"Although the new law provides a framework for implementing the program, it's up to Guam EPA to develop the specific rules and regulations, and we want the community to be involved in that process," said Castro.

At the meeting, Guam EPA officials outlined a proposed schedule for developing rules, regulations, and procedures to effectively implement the provisions of the new law. The law requires consumers to pay deposits ranging from three dollars ($3) for a tire up to two hundred dollars ($200) for a car or truck. The funds will be used to properly dispose of the items, including the abandoned vehicles, refrigerators, and tires that dot Guam's landscape.

The group today elected Paul Tobiason, president of the Recycling Association of Guam, as the community co-chair of FUTURE. The other co-chair is Guam EPA Administrator Fred M. Castro. FUTURE has tentatively set its next meeting for the end of June (date and location to be announced).

Additional information on the outcomes of today's meeting will be available shortly at Guam EPA's Web site, guamepa.govguam.net, or residents can call the Agency's Solid Waste Program at 475-1608/14.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION (sites will open in a new window):
Full text of Public Law 27-38 (Recycling Fees)
Full text of Public Law 27-37 (Municipal Recycling Program)


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