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March 2, 2004

Contact: Randy Sablan at 475-1647 or rlsablan@guamepa.govguam.net
Michael Mann at 475-1623 or mmann@guamepa.govguam.net

Guam EPA announces top three potential new landfill sites

press conference
Guam EPA Interim Deputy Administrator Randel L. Sablan, Administrator Fred M. Castro, Board Chairman John Jocson, and Acting DPW Director Joe Duenas announce the potential landfill sites at the GEPA offices in Tiyan.
Landfill siting map
Agency officials presented a map showing suitable areas for landfill development. The light green areas represent suitable land. The three small red boxes represent the top sites.
The Guam Environmental Protection Agency (Guam EPA) and the Department of Public Works (DPW) announced the top three potential sites for a new municipal solid waste landfill at a 2 p.m. press conference today. The sites, located at Dandan in the village of Inarajan, Sabanan Batea in the village of Yona, and Lonfit in the village of Asan, received the highest scores in the Preliminary Site Suitability screening process.

"Each of these three sites is more than adequate to build and operate a fully-compliant solid waste landfill, and the process of scientific analysis that we've gone through to arrive at this list has enabled a fair and objective evaluation of the alternatives," said Guam EPA Administrator Fred M. Castro. "As we continue to evaluate all three sites through the preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement, we'll have a greater understanding of the potential environmental impacts, and that will guide the final decision-making process," he added.

As part of the Ordot Consent Decree, Guam EPA and DPW were directed to identify three (3) potential new landfill sites within thirty days. Now that the sites have been identified, the agencies will move ahead with hiring a consultant to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on the three sites, which must be completed within 300 days.

"It's important to remember that this landfill will look nothing like the Ordot Dump," Castro said. Modern landfills are clean, safe, and from the outside look more like parks than waste disposal facilities. As part of the landfill development process, the agencies will also move to establish new, modern solid waste transfer stations at key locations around the island to minimize traffic and transit times to and from the new landfill.

Guam EPA and DPW are also working to implement an integrated approach to solid waste management that includes separation of wastes, recycling, composting, and privatization of services. "The landfill is just one component of a larger system that will represent a significant change from the way we handle our solid waste today," Castro said.

Guam EPA has produced a fact sheet (PDF, 140K) on the site selection process, and the Agency will release additional details on the screening process in the form of a Preliminary Landfill Site Suitability Report (PLSSR). All documents will be available on the Agency's Web site.

More information will be available on this Web site soon, or call 475-1658/9.

Landfill Site Selection Fact Sheet (PDF, 140K)
Anatomy of a Landfill (Fact Sheet) (PDF, 208K)
Preliminary Landfill Site Suitability Report (PDF, 265K)
Supplemental Environmental Project (SEP) Fact Sheet (PDF, 52K)
Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and Public Involvement Fact Sheet (PDF, 60K)


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