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January 9, 2004

Contact: Barbara Torres at 475-1607 or btorres@guamepa.govguam.net
Michael Mann at 475-1623 or mmann@guamepa.govguam.net

Free Hasso Guam! Household Hazardous Waste Collection to take place January 31

Guam EPA is sponsoring a free household hazardous waste collection on Saturday, January 31 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at three locations:

Dededo: Harmon Loop Road between Guerrero Elementary and the DPR Gym.

Tiyan: Barrigada entrance past DMV to 4-way stop

Inarajan: Mayor's office in Malojloj

Accepted wastes: paints, thinners, varnishes, removers, solvents, cleaning products, pesticides, fertilizers, coolants, gasoline, diesel fuel, used oil, automotive batteries, dry-cell batteries, Ni-Cad (rechargeable) batteries, fluorescent light bulbs.

For households only; no business or government wastes.

TIYAN -- The Guam Environmental Protection Agency (Guam EPA) announced today that it will sponsor a free household hazardous waste collection event on Saturday, January 31 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at three locations around the island. Dubbed "Hasso Guam," or "Think of Guam," the one-day event will allow residents to safely and properly dispose of common hazardous household products such as paints, pesticides, cleaning products, batteries, and used oil (complete list of accepted wastes at right).

The collection will take place at locations in the north, south, and central areas of Guam:

Northern: Dededo, Harmon Loop Road between Juan M. Guerrero Elementary and the DPR Gymnasium

Central: Tiyan, Barrigada entrance past DMV to the 4-way stop

Southern: Inarajan Mayor's Office in Malojloj

"Properly disposing of the hazardous materials that we all have in and around our homes is one of the simplest things we can do to protect the health of our families and our island," said Fred M. Castro, Guam EPA Administrator. "This event is just one of many activities that Guam EPA is planning over the next year to address our island's waste problems and work toward quickly and safely closing the Ordot Dump," he added.

As a general guideline, any product marked "Poison," "Keep Out Of Reach Of Children," or "Caution" is considered a potentially hazardous waste.

Exposure to hazardous substances has been associated with an increased risk of many illnesses and other health effects, including cancer, birth defects, nervous system damage, hyperactivity in children, impaired fertility, and skin diseases, among others.

These products should not be disposed of as part of our regular trash because their hazardous contents could contaminate our island's water supply and soils. Dumping these products on the ground or in storm drains can have a more immediate and direct effect, potentially contaminating drinking water and killing marine life or coral reefs.

All wastes collected during this event will be professionally packed by a Guam EPA contractor and shipped off-island for proper disposal at a U.S. EPA-licensed facility. This collection is strictly for household wastes only. Absolutely no business or government wastes will be accepted.

Guam EPA would like to remind residents that the best method for addressing the threat posed by these household hazardous products is to purchase only the amount needed, use only what is necessary to complete the job (more is not better), and to make every effort to fully use up all of a product (leftovers can be given to friends, neighbors, or community groups). Always keep hazardous products out of the reach of children.

Although Guam EPA plans to hold additional collection events throughout 2004, residents still have options for safely and properly disposing of these wastes at other times. A complete list of proper disposal locations and tips is available at guamepa.govguam.net/education/household.html. Please note that many private companies may charge fees for their disposal services.

For more information on this event, residents should contact Guam EPA at 475-1658/9 or visit the Agency's Web site at guamepa.govguam.net.


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