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Last update: 9 January 2001

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" Nov. 22: Ceremony to mark milestone in Ugum Watershed Restoration Project
" Oct. 22: Disclosure fosters right-to-know information on Guam's water quality
" Oct. 21: Guam Waterworks, Guam EPA to hold news conference on drinking water report
" Oct. 4: GEPA spreads environmental message to sixth grade science students in tour tomorrow
" Oct. 4: Firm cleans up illegal dump site in lieu of more fines from Guam EPA
" Sep. 30: GEPA holds 3-day workshop on chemical spill prevention and risk awareness
" Sep. 30: Guam EPA intends to issue permit for air stripper
" Sep. 9: Guam EPA announces last call for public comments
" Aug. 30: U.S. EPA cites Guam Public Works for tank violations
" Aug. 22: Army Corps of Engineers will hold Mongmong cleanup town meeting tomorrow night
" Aug. 18: Air quality improves at Malojloj
" Aug. 16: Smoke Clearing in Malojloj
" Aug. 14: Malojloj Hardfill Task Force begins smothering coral pit fire
" Aug. 6: Guam EPA conducts multi-media inspection of Cabras Power Plant
" Aug. 2: Guam and U.S. EPA free workshop on Freon POSTPONED until Wednesday, August 4
" Jul. 29: Free mulch available now!
" Jul. 27: Guam and U.S. EPA will sponsor a free workshop on chlorofluorocarbons
" Jul. 22: Guam EPA works to minimize odor at the Malojloj Hardfill
" Jul. 19: U.S. EPA cites petroleum facility owners for fuel tank violations
" Jul. 10: Guam EPA to conduct special groundwater studies
" Jun. 8: Negotiations under way to close Ordot
" Apr. 27: Pacific leaders will meet to lay out four-year environmental strategy
" Apr. 23: Inspection of wrecked Chinese ship at Ritidian
" Apr. 20: Guam EPA Board to present environmental award this Friday
" Apr. 15: Make A Splash this Earth Week!
" Apr. 4: Public invited to tour environmental agency during Earth Week
" Mar. 11: U.S. Coast Guard and Guam EPA investigate oil spill at Pago Bay
" Mar. 7: Earth Week tour geared for sixth-grade public school kids
" Feb. 27: Q & A: Production Well A-8 Drinking Water
" Feb. 25: Guam EPA, Esso Eastern Inc. discuss cleanup efforts
" Feb. 24: GEPA not satisfied with Exxon's handling of ground water contamination
" Feb. 17: Guam EPA to permit waste incinerator facility
" Feb. 9: GovGuam commended for its response to the Ordot Tire Fire
" Feb. 1: GovGuam expects all-clear sign from U.S. EPA; Ordot families to go home



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