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Guam EPA Administration

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About Guam EPA Administration

The Guam Environmental Protection Agency is a semi-autonomous agency of the government of Guam. The Agency's policy is established by a Board of Directors. The Board meets approximately once a month, and meetings are open to the public. Board Members are appointed by the Governor to three-year terms. Under Guam law, the Guam EPA Board of Directors also serves as an appellate body. Any citizen who believes he or she has been aggrieved by an action or decision of the Guam EPA Administrator can request a hearing before the Board.

The Administrator and Deputy Administrator of Guam EPA are appointed by the Board of Directors. They are assisted by a Board Secretary.

Guam EPA Board of Directors
Guam EPA Administration, left to right: former Administrator Fred M. Castro, Board Secretary Margaret Aguilar, Board Chairperson John Jocson, Former Board Member Mauryn Quenga McDonald, Board Member Florida Sanchez, Board Member Jose A. Pinaula, Former Board Member Jesus T. Lizama, Board Vice Chairperson Robert A. Perron, Board Member Andrew Chung Park. Not pictured: Board Member George Lai, Board Member Alfred Lam, Board Nominee Luckie Sakamoto, Board Nominee Tamera Shimizu, Acting Deputy Administrator Randel L. Sablan.

Board of Directors

Nine members of the Guam EPA Board of Directors have been appointed by Governor Camacho. Recently appointed Board member Luckie Sakamoto awaits Legislative confirmation.

John Jocson, Board Chairperson
Mr. Jocson holds a B.A. in Mathematics and an M.S. in Environmental Science, both from the University of Guam. He works as the staff hydrologist for the Water & Environmental Research Institute (WERI) where he manages and maintains WERI's Geographic Information System database, including all computers, network, and software. Mr. Jocson also does research on projects relating to hydrogeology of Guam and provides consultation relating to GIS. He is a member of the Andersen Air Force Base Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) and has published several professional articles. Mr. Jocson considers himself an avid outdoorsman and gets the most satisfaction knowing his work makes a difference for the betterment of the community. He was elected Board Chairperson on November 20, 2003.

Robert A. Perron, Board Vice Chairperson
Mr. Perron is managing partner of a fuel distribution business, Petroleum Sales & Services. He was most recently the General Manager of Guahan Waste. Mr. Perron has ten years experience as the president/dealer for the New Sinajana Mobil, Inc., and was responsible for all aspects of service station business, including EPA compliance. He feels that his outstanding strength is his ability to restructure business and survive in a down economy, work within a budget, and work within a team environment.

Jose A. Pinaula, Board Member
Mr. Pinaula was a previous GEPA Board member from 1979-1992. He retired after 21 years of service in the United States Air Force in 1972, with 17 years as a Non-Commission Officer in charge of the planning and scheduling of functions related to aircraft maintenance. Mr. Pinaula was employed for 12 years at the Guam Airport Authority in the area of Public and Aircraft Safety. Mr. Pinaula hails from the South and considers himself an environmentalist who wants to be involved in things that affect him.

Andrew Chung Park, Board Member
Mr. Park is President and Accountant of Park's Office & Insurance in upper Tumon. His company provides accounting, tax return and insurance services. Mr. Park holds a B.S. in accounting from the University of Guam and is currently attending an Masters of Public Administration course at the University. Has been involved in the construction business for many years (and in many countries) holding various positions. He spent over 10 years in the construction business on Guam, where his last project was the Green Park Hotel located in the former Hatsuho Golf Course. Mr. Park enjoys golf and tennis and is the President of the Korean-American Association of Guam.

George Lai, Board Member
Mr. Lai holds a B.S. in Petroleum Engineering from Texas A&M University. He is President of Quality Distributors in Harmon, where he manages a food wholesale business in our Micronesian Islands and on military bases. He is a member of the Guam Chamber of Commerce, the Guam Hotel and Restaurant Association, and the Chinese Merchant Association. Mr. Lai enjoys fishing and sports.

Florida Sanchez, Board Member
Ms. Sanchez holds a B.S. in Business Administration and Finance from the University of Oregon. She is currently the Business Manager at Sagua Mañagu Birthing Center in Tamuning and is responsible for all accounting, procurement, payroll and personnel functions necessary for the daily operation of the facility. Ms. Sanchez was the previous treasurer of the Guam National Olympic Committee and an athlete at the South Pacific Games.

Alfred K.Y. Lam, Board Member
Mr. Alfred K.Y. Lam received legislative confirmation of his appointment to the Guam EPA Board of Directors on April 5, 2004. He is a 33-year resident of Guam and is a naturalized U.S. citizen (1982). His four children were all born on Guam. Mr. Lam is the President of Ambyth Shipping and runs the Ambyth Group (Ambyth Shipping, Ambyth Micronesia, Ambyth Logistics, Seafix), a shipping, trading and trucking business, and Securewest International, which provides security services for hotels, mostly in Tumon. Mr. Lam brings to the Board long-term experience in shipping, marine vessel repair, and salvage and metallic disposal. He seeks to contribute to Guam EPA his business experiences and knowledge, and "make our island a beautiful place to live for generations to come." His community and civic involvements include the following: Windward Hills Golf Course member, Vice-President of the Guam Chinese Association, President of the Guam Asia Pacific Lions Club, and current President of the Guam Chinese Merchant Association.

Yoshihiro "Luckie" Sakamoto, Board Member
Guam EPA Board member Luckie Sakamoto is the Assistant General Manager of Nanbo Guam, Ltd., where he manages, supervises and oversees daily operations to include underwriting the company's major client accounts. Through his insurance career he has learned risk management and preventive measures to risks, hazards and perils. He is currently licensed as a Property & Casualty Broker and as a Life Insurance Agent. Mr. Sakamoto's concept of success is "No matter how small, set a goal and achieve it in a set period of time and constantly elevate the goal to a higher level." He is a member of the Rotary Club of Guam (Sunrise) and was past President in 2002-2003; previous member of the Guam Football Association, Wings Soccer Club, Blessed Diego Parish Council, and the Japan Club of Guam. He loves all kinds of sports and social activities and listening to a variety of music.

Randel L. SablanActing Administrator

Randel L. Sablan
Biographical information on Mr. Sablan is forthcoming.

Deputy Administrator


Board Secretary

Margaret Aguilar
The Board Secretary handles correspondence and appointments for the Board and Administrator. She can be reached at 475-1622 or .

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