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Guam Hydrogeologist

About the Program

Guam EPA Hydrogeologist
Guam EPA Hydrogeologist H. Victor Wuerch.
The Guam EPA Hydrogeologist is Mr. H. Victor Wuerch. The basic responsibility of Mr. Wuerch is the protection of the waters of the island from contamination from various contaminant sources. Contaminant sources vary widely and therefore the authority upon which groundwater is protected is also multifaceted. The federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and Superfund (CERCLA) statutes are the ultimate authority for groundwater protection and cleanup. Guam EPA has developed its own regulations based on the federal statutes. The Guam EPA Hydrogeologist is responsible for enforcing Guam EPA regulations and territorial and federal statutes for the protection of groundwater.

The Hydrogeologist has broad flexibility to use his professional judgement to protect groundwater and also to design and implement remedial strategies when groundwater has been contaminated. Professional judgement is used to select appropriate cleanup levels and to evaluate the effectiveness of various remedial designs. This is particularly the case at military facilities where cleanup-related issues are resolved within a three-party team which includes a military representative, U.S. EPA, and Guam EPA.

The Guam EPA Hydrogeologist reports directly to the Administrator.

Contact Information

H. Victor Wuerch
Guam Hydrogeologist
Fax: 477-9402

Additional Information

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