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Water Permits and Certification

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About Water Permits and Certification

Guam EPA is responsible for issuing permits and clearance for a variety of activities that have or may potentially have an impact in the island's ground or surface water. Some of these permits may require clearance from several different GovGuam agencies and departments. For a detailed explanantion of Guam EPA's Water Permits, consult the Environmental Permit Guidebook.

NOTE:All permit application forms and guidance on the Guam EPA web site are presented as PDF files. Viewing and printing PDF files requires the free Adobe® Acrobat® Reader. More about PDF files.

Section 401 Water Quality Certification

A number of federal permits, most of which are identified in the Federal Clean Water Act, for construction, fill, dredging, and discharges to Waters of the United States and Territorial Waters require Territorial (GEPA) Section 401 Water Quality Certification. 401 WQC issuance identifies that construction or operation of a proposed project or facility will be conducted in a manner consistent with the Guam Water Quality Standards. All federal permits for work in marine waters, rivers, streams and wetlands require 401 WQC. Submission of a completed 401 WQC Form is required. Contact the Agency's Planning & Review Division at 475-1662 for more information.

  • Form 401-A (PDF, 11K)
    Activities covered by this application request form include outfalls for sewage treatment plants, storm water, aquariums, thermal effluent from power plants, and industrial/other facility waste waters.

  • Form 401-B (PDF, 12K)
    Activities covered by this application request form include outfalls for sewage treatment plants, industrial, commercial, agricultural and residential storm water discharges, irrigation, and aquaculture water supply and discharges.

  • Form 401-C (PDF, 12K)
    Activities covered by this application request form include wetland dredging, filling, construction of bridges, walkways, culverts and other structures in wetlands streams or rivers, mitigation/creation projects, restoration activities, utility trenching and pole placements, and other similar activities in wetlands.

Building Permit

The Department of Public Works is responsible for issuing Building Permits through the One-Stop Permit Center located in Anigua. The Building Permit requires Guam EPA clearance for certain activities. Please contact Mateo Paet at the One-Stop Center (phone 477-0854) for more information.

Clearing and Grading Permit

The Department of Public Works, through the One-Stop Permit Center, issues a permit for Clearing and Grading activities. Effective October 1, 2000, Guam EPA now collects plan renewal fees involving clearing and grading activities. Please contact Mateo Paet at the One-Stop Center (phone 477-0854) for more information.

Feedlot Permit

Guam EPA's Water Pollution Control Program issues a permit for Feedlot operations. Livestock operators and farmers who raise and produce swine, poultry, and other animals in commercial quantities may be required to obtain a Feedlot Permit to ensure the facility is in compliance with feedlot operations regulations for the control, treatment and proper disposal of animal wastes. Commercial feedlot operations are required to submit site plans of the facility for which a permit is sought as well as detailed plans of the waste management system and operational procedures. Contact the Water Pollution Control Program at 475-1660 for more information.

Well Operating Permit

The Well Operating Permit is issued for production and use of water resources. It is used to establish operating conditions, such as allowable pumping rates, infrastructure requirements, long term monitoring and inspections. For more information, contact the Water Resources Management Program at 475-1643.

Test Boring Permit

Individuals conducting soil test boring and measurement activities may be required to obtain a GEPA Test Boring Permit. Test boring activities include drilling and excavations deeper than six (6) feet deep for a number of soil and structural engineering analysis work. The Test Boring Permit may be a sub-component of the Clearing & Grading and/or Building Permit approval process. Contact the Water Resources Management Program at 475-1643 for more information.

Other Water Permits

Guam EPA is currently in the process of making applications for Well Drilling Permits, Dewatering Permits and other water permits available on this web site. For more information on these permits and to obtain application forms, contact the Water Resources Management Program at 475-1641/3.

Where to File the Application Forms

Applications other than Building Permits and Clearing & Grading Permits should be sent to:

Guam Environmental Protection Agency
P.O. Box 22439 GMF
Barrigada, GU 96921

or hand delivered to:

17-3304 Mariner Ave.
Tiyan, Guam 96913

Building Permit Applications and Clearing & Grading Permit Applications should be submitted to the One-Stop Permit Center in Anigua. Call 477-0854 for more information.

Availability of Information to the Public and Confidential Treatment of Information

Information contained in the permit application will, upon request, be made available to the public for inspection and copying. If sources wish to request confidential treatment for business information, such information should be submitted separately to Guam EPA, along with a claim of confidentiality.

Assistance in Completing Application Forms

If you have any questions about the application forms, please contact Guam EPA's Water Pollution Control Program at 475-1660.

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