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Guam EPA Permits

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Guam EPA Permits

The Guam Environmental Protection Agency administers several permit programs as required by law. For a detailed explanantion of Guam EPA's permits, clearance, and notification processes, consult the Environmental Permit Guidebook.

Application forms and instructions for several permit programs are available on this web site. If you are unsure whether you need a Guam EPA permit for a specific activity, please consult our Permit Guidebook and contact appropriate Guam EPA staff to obtain additional guidance.

NOTE:All permit application forms and guidance on the Guam EPA web site are presented as PDF files. Viewing and printing PDF files requires the free Adobe® Acrobat® Reader. More about PDF files.

Permits by Program Area

Air: Hazardous Waste:
Air Pollution Source Construction Permit
Major Source Operating Permit
Minor Source Operating Permit
Hazardous Waste Storage Permit
Hazardous Waste Treatment Permit
Hazardous Waste Disposal Permit
Notification of Hazardous Waste Activity
Underground Storage Tank Notification
Land Use: Pesticides:
Environmental Protection Plans (EPP)
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
Minimum Lot Size Policy
Sand and Quarried Products Importation Clearance
Notice of Arrival
Pesticide Dealers License
Pesticide Certification and Training
Special Permits
Solid Waste: Water:
Solid Waste Collection Permit
Solid Waste Storage Permit
Solid Waste Transfer Permit
Solid Waste Hardfill Permit
Solid Waste Processing Permit
Disposal Facility Permit
Section 401 Water Quality Certification
Pollution Discharge and Operating Permit
Sewer Construction Permit
Sewer and Water Connection Permit
Individual Wastewater Disposal Permit
Underground Injection Control (UIC)
Test Boring and Dewatering Permit
Well Drilling and Operating Permits
Well Driller's License
Erosion Control Permit
Feedlot Construction and Operating Permit


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