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Applications and Instructions:
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Air Permits and Compliance Monitoring

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Who Must Apply for a Permit

Most sources of air pollution on Guam must apply for an air pollution control permit from the Guam Environmental Protection Agency. The permit must be obtained before construction or operation activities commence. For a detailed explanantion of Guam EPA's Air Permits, consult the Environmental Permit Guidebook.

The following sources must have an air pollution control permit:

1. Major Sources - This includes all facilities (or groups of facilities next to each other and under the same ownership) that emit at least ten tons per year of any single hazardous air pollutant (HAP) or twenty-five tons per year or more of any combination of hazardous pollutants. Major sources also include those that emit one hundred tons per year of any other regulated air pollutant. Note that special rules may apply for the radionuclides (contact Guam EPA for more information).

2. Federal Oversight Sources - Air Pollution Control Permits for these sources must also be reviewed by the U.S. EPA. These sources include Major Sources, sources subject to standards of performance for air pollution emission sources as established in Section 1106 (or 40 CFR Part 60), and sources subject to requirements for hazardous air pollutants pursuant to Section 1107 (or 40 CFR Part 61 or Part 63) of the Guam Air Pollution Control Standards and Regulations, or Section 112 of the federal Clean Air Act.

3. Minor Sources - Minor sources include:

  1. Sources that exceed the parameters of Insignificant Sources - Type I and Type II. See Guam EPA's Air Pollution Control Regulations and Standards for a list of Type I or Type II insignificant sources.

  2. Sources that are not Major Sources (see number 1 of this section) but have the potential to emit 1.0 tons per year (tpy) or more of each criteria or hazardous air pollutant.

  3. Some minor sources may be federal oversight sources. (Examples in include Dry Cleaners, Asphalt Plants, etc.)

Note: Many of the minor sources on Guam that will apply for an Air Pollution Control Permit will be facilities that only have small fuel burning equipment, such as standby generators, that will only be used during power outages. If a facility has only this type of equipment, and emissions will be less than 100 tons per year on any particular pollutant and will not be a federal oversight source, only this Standby Generator Short Form Application will be needed.

Other air pollution sources are required to use the Air Pollution Control Permit Application General Form.

Where to File the Application Forms

Applications should be sent to:

Guam Environmental Protection Agency
P.O. Box 22439 GMF
Barrigada, GU 96921

or hand delivered to:

17-3304 Mariner Ave.
Tiyan, Guam 96913

To be considered complete, applications must include the appropriate application fee and any due penalties (see below). Application Fees must be paid for by check or money order payable to Treasurer of Guam c/o Guam EPA's Air Pollution Control Special Fund.

Fees for Air Permits are listed in Air Permit Fees (PDF, 6K). Fees for standby generators that are not considered major are as follows:

Initial permit for existing source:
Initial Permits for new source:
Permit Renewal:
Administrative permit amendments:

$  50.00

If an application for permit renewal is submitted after the due date, a late penalty of 10% of the permit application fee shall be added to the fee. Then, after every twenty day period during which at least part of the application fee or penalties are unpaid, an additional late payment penalty fee of 10% of the total amount due shall be incurred.

If an application for permit renewal is submitted more than thirty days after the due date, the Administrator may delay issuance of the permit renewal beyond the expiration date of the existing permit, thereby suspending permission to the owner or operator of any rights granted in the air pollution control permit to emit air pollution.

Availability of Information to the Public and Confidential Treatment of Information

Information contained in the permit application will, upon request, be made available to the public for inspection and copying. If sources wish to request confidential treatment for business information, such information should be submitted separately to Guam EPA, along with a claim of confidentiality.

Assistance in Completing Application Forms

If you have any questions about the application forms, please contact Guam EPA's Air Pollution Control Program at 475-1611.

Forms and Instructions

NOTE:All permit application forms and guidance on the Guam EPA web site are presented as PDF files. Viewing and printing PDF files requires the free Adobe® Acrobat® Reader. More about PDF files.

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