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About PDF Files

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What Is a PDF File?

HTML, the code used to create web pages, can not maintain all of the formatting and presentation information for many documents. In such cases, another process is used to display the document called Portable Document Format (PDF). The PDF process maintains the look and presentation of the original document using a free reader available from Adobe®. These PDF files can be viewed across multiple platforms (MAC, PC, UNIX) using the appropriate reader for that platform.

Viewing and printing PDF files requires the Adobe® Acrobat® Reader, which is available free from the Adobe Web site. This software must be installed on your computer before you can access PDF files.

What Happens When I Click a Link to a PDF File?

When you click on a link to a PDF file on the Guam EPA web site, the file will open in a new browser window. If you do not close this new window prior to clicking a link to another PDF file on the Guam EPA site, that new file will open in the same browser window as the previous file.

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