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Environmental Education

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Guam EPA Environmental Education Programs

Guam EPA is committed to public outreach and information sharing. Through public awareness campaigns and other activities, Guam EPA aims to increase public participation in the protection of Guam's environment.

The Agency is currently developing a comprehensive description of its environmental education activities for inclusion on this web site. Also under development are several pages highlighting local environmental issues and ways the public can become involved. Guam EPA has also developed a fact sheet on What to Do With Household Hazardous Waste that includes a list of companies and organizations accepting materials for proper disposal and/or recycling.

For Kids!

Fun stuff for kids! Children are the future of environmental protection. Students and kids of all ages can explore the links below to expand environmental awareness and learn how to protect the environment every day (each page will open in a new window).

  • U.S. EPA's Explorers' Club is an interactive site designed for children aged 5-12. It covers a variety of environmental issues, including:
    • Garbage and Recycling
    • Air Pollution
    • Water, Water, Water!

  • U.S. EPA's Recycle City is an interactive village where kids can learn about recycling and ways to reduce waste.

  • U.S. EPA's Student Center is designed for middle and high school students, covering topics from environmental basics to careers in the environmental field.

Information About Your Environment

The sites listed below contain additional information to help you understand the environment and what you can do to help protect it (pages will open in a new window).

  • U.S. EPA's Environmental Education Center is a Web site designed for teachers providing environmental curricula, background information on environmental issues, and news about available grants for environmental education.

  • U.S. EPA's Guide to Environmental Issues offers basic information on numerous environmental topics.

  • U.S. EPA's Guide to Environmental Terms provides definitions of words, phrases and acronyms commonly used in environmental literature.

[   What to Do With Household Hazardous Waste   |   Links for Kids   |   Know Your Environment   |   Earth Week 2004   ]


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