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Randel L. SablanWelcome to the official Guam Environmental Protection Agency Web site!

Sharing environmental information with the public is one of Guam EPA's most important mandates, and we look forward to increasing your ability to access information about our island's environment through this site. Of note are the weekly Beach Reports, a Guam EPA service that monitors water quality at 44 beaches around the island. To the right you'll notice our News section, where you can get updates on the latest environmental news on Guam.

As this site grows, we hope to hear your ideas and suggestions about how we can improve it. Thank you for visiting.

Acting Administrator


 Environmental Tip of the Week:
Guam Recycling Guide

Don't waste Guam's future!

Here's a quick and easy guide to finding the right place to dispose of your household or business recyclable and hazardous waste. Click on the image above or go here to download the Guam Recycling Guide PDF (476K).

Some of these facilities will pay you, some will take your waste for free, and some will charge, depending on the type of waste. Facilities and services offered may change; call the company or check this Web site for the most up-to-date list.

Be safe with hazardous waste.
Common household items such as paint, used oil, pesticides, batteries, cleaning products, solvents, and fluorescent light bulbs contain toxic chemicals. This household hazardous waste should not be thrown away with your regular trash. Contact the facilities listed here for safe disposal options or call Guam EPA to find out about upcoming free collection events and programs.

Consider the alternatives.
Look for opportunities to use less toxic products for common household cleaning tasks. For example, you can make glass cleaner by mixing 1 tablespoon vinegar or lemon juice in 1 quart of water. Spray on and use newspaper to wipe dry. More suggestions will be available on this Web site in the coming weeks.

Source reduction is the first step to limiting the amount of waste we generate. By preventing waste before it starts, we can conserve resources, reduce pollution, and help cut waste disposal costs. Start by choosing products with less packaging or buying in bulk.

Consider reusable products instead of disposable items. Reuse bags on your next trip to the store, use empty glass jars to store leftovers, and sell or donate goods instead of throwing them out.

Start separating waste at home and at the office. Compost food scraps and green waste. Use the recycling guide to take action and encourage others to do the same.

For more tips, visit Guam EPA's What to Do With Household Hazardous Waste page.


 Upcoming Meetings:

The Navy announces the next meeting of the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC III and BRAC IV) Restoration Advisory Boards will be held at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, February 7, 2006, in the Chuchuko Room of the Guam Hilton Hotel. Status updates will be presented for the following projects:
  • Bldg. 15-46A (Former Gas Station - Tiyan)
  • Tiyan Landfill Groundwater Monitoring Plan
  • Agana Power Plant

The Navy announces its meeting of the Navy Area-Wide Restoration Advisory Board at the Hyatt Regency Ballroom at 7 p.m. on Thursday, February 9, 2006. The Navy will present:

  • Updates on the Installation Restoration sites
  • Update on the Removal Site Evaluation for the area behind the former Ship Repair Facility Fenceline site
  • Update on the Site Inspection for 17 fuel valve pits at the Tenjo Vista tank farm, Sasa Valley tank farm, and fuel wharf
  • Update on the former Lower Sasa Fuel Burning Pond site
Additional information about the Navy's Clean-up program, including minutes from previous RAB meetings, reports, and studies are available at the Hagåtña Nieves M. Flores Memorial Library. For more information on these meetings, contact Walter Leon Guerrero at 475-1644 or .

Guam EPA will hold public information meetings on the permitting process for the new landfill at the Inarajan Mayor's office from 6 to 7 p.m. on the following dates:
" Tuesday, January 24; Topic: Permitting Process and Schedule
" Tuesday, January 31; Topic: General Overview
" Thursday, February 9; Topic: Construction
" Thursday, February 16; Topic: Water

" Thursday, February 23; Topic: Extenze pills review
For more information about the meetings, please call Barbara Torres at 475-1651 or e-mail or read the news release. Additional information on the permitting process is available in the Environmental Permit Guidebook.

Guam Environmental Protection Agency Board of Directors will meet Wednesday, February 15 at the Guam EPA Administration Building conference room at 17-3304 Mariner Avenue, Tiyan. A copy of the meeting agenda is available by calling the Board Secretary at 475-1622/58/59. Citizen participation is a key element in environmental protection. The public is urged to attend. Those with disabilities who need special accommodations, auxiliary aids or services should submit their requests by calling the Board Secretary at 475-1622/58/59.

The Environmental Education Subcommittee of the Watershed Planning Committee will meet at 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, February 8 at the Guam EPA Administration Building, across from the Department of Revenue and Taxation, at 17-3304 Mariner Avenue, Tiyan. Call Peggy Denney at 475-1654 or e-mail for more information.

 Guam EPA Program of the Week:
Information Services Branch

Guam EPA 2006 Calendar

"Don't waste Guam's future"
Guam EPA 2006 Calendar

Featuring artwork from the Earth Week 2005 Poster Contest
Available in early February




Guam EPA Board approves 2005 Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan

At its meeting on January 26, the Guam EPA Board of Directors approved the Guam 2005 Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan, which was previously made available for public comment. The final, approved version of the Plan is available here: Guam 2005 Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan (PDF, 675K).

Guam EPA to hold information meetings on landfill permit

Guam EPA will hold a series of informational meetings for the public about the permitting process for the new landfill facility. The meetings will take place at the Inarajan Mayor's office from 6 to 7 p.m. on January 24, January 31, February 9, and February 16. Read the news release for more information.

Additional landfill information is available on the News Releases page.

Also available:
Guam's First Public Sanitary Landfill: Frequently Asked Questions (PDF, 326K), February 2005. This fact sheet answers 10 common questions about the new landfill.

Landfill EIS Public Scoping Report (PDF, 1.7MB) with appendices, Sept. 2004

Guam EPA's letter to Senator Respicio, Feb. 17, 2005 (PDF, 1.6MB)

U.S. EPA's landfill approval letter, Feb. 14, 2005 (PDF, 74K)

Landfill Site Evaluation Report (PDF, 162K)

Supplemental Environmental Project (SEP) Fact Sheet (PDF, 52K)

Anatomy of a Landfill (PDF, 208K), a fact sheet explaining how a sanitary landfill works and how it is different from a dump.

Preliminary Landfill Site Suitability Report (March 2004) (PDF, 265K)

For more information on the landfill project, visit the EIS project Web site at

6 Beaches Polluted, West Agana Bay Remains Closed

The Recreational Waters Pollution Report for February 1 includes 6 beach advisories. The public is advised not to swim or wade within 400 yards of polluted waters. West Agana Bay waters from Paseo to the public parking adjacent to the former Diamond Auto are closed until further notice. Read more in this week's advisory.

Guam EPA e-mail addresses changing on January 30

All Guam EPA e-mail addresses are officially changing as of January 30, 2006. Mail to the old "" addresses will still be delivered for a limited time, but please check the staff listing page for updated addresses. Many pages on this site do not yet reflect the new addresses, but we are working to update the pages over the coming weeks.

Don't Waste Guam's Future!

Guam EPA has released an updated version of the Guam Recycling Guide (PDF, 476K) with new listings for recycling facilities. See the Environmental Tip of the Week on this page for complete details.

Hard copies of the Guide are available at the Guam EPA main office and will again appear in 2006 phone books. For more information, contact the Guam EPA main office at 475-1658/9.

UPDATE: Illegal Insecticide Chalk Found on Guam, Poses Danger to Children

insecticide chalk
In January 2006, Guam EPA Pesticides inspectors again discovered illegal insecticide chalk on Guam. The chalk is especially dangerous for children because it looks like regular blackboard chalk. Read the February 2004 news release for more information.


See all Guam EPA News Releases from the past several months in the News Release Archive.

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